ETIAS for France

The ETIAS visa waiver for Europe will allow visitors to travel between all the Schengen countries, including France. Applicants will be able obtain an ETIAS for France by completing an online application form.

From 2021, for citizens from eligible countries it will be necessary to obtain an ETIAS for France. Visitors will need to complete the online ETIAS application and meet the ETIAS requirements France.

France is one of the countries which has been tragically struck by terrorism in recent years. ETIAS Europe will make traveling to France much safer, for both tourists and locals, by screening passengers for security risks before they enter the country.

France, the EU and the Schengen Area

etias france

As well as a Schengen member state, France is a founding member of the European Union (EU). With over 80 million arrivals each year, France is also the world’s most visited tourist destination. It is a beautiful, fascinating, culturally-rich destination.

France has played a key role in the EU. It was one of the founding members and has been highly influential in the shaping of European politics. France has one of Europe’s largest economies and is one of the EU’s biggest monetary contributors.

How to apply for France ETIAS?

Applicants will need to answer all the questions on the form fully and accurately. The required information includes the applicant’s full name, address, and date of birth. All the data will be cross-checked using various security databases.

It will be necessary to pay a fee using a credit or debit card to submit the application form. Once approved, the ETIAS visa waiver to France will be sent electronically. Tourists will be able to travel to France by presenting the visa to the border authorities.

Passport requirements for French ETIAS

Applicants will need to have a valid passport from one of the ETIAS eligible countries to be able to apply. It will be necessary to enter the passport details including the passport number, nationality, and expiry date.

Travelers will need to use the same passport to complete the application and to enter the Schengen Area. Applicants with more than one passport should bear this in mind.

Travel information about France

There are hundreds of reasons why so many people around the world visit France. Beautiful countryside, charming villages, world-class vineyards, and arguably the best food in the world are just a few of France’s draws.

The French capital, Paris, is the most popular destination. It is known as ‘the city of love’ and is one of the most iconic places on Earth. Landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Champs-Elysees, as well as museums which are brimming with masterpieces such as the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay have global reputations.

However, France is much more than just one city. There are countless UNESCO World heritage Sites dotted around France and there are other truly great cities such as Lyon, Bordeaux, and Nice. The south of France generally enjoys the best weather and its rivers and mountains are perfect for adventures such as kayaking and hiking.

ETIAS EU will allow visitors to enter France for business purposes so there will be no need to obtain a separate France business visa. As travelers can travel freely between Schengen member states ETIAS holders will also not need a France transit visa to pass through.