Greenland Approves Station Nord as a Schengen Crossing Point

greenland station nord schengen

It has been announced that the station, Station Nord, in the northeast of Greenland has been approved as a new border crossing point for the Schengen Zone.

This will be added to the various Schengen borders that compile the Schengen Zone borders as a whole. It will also be used for the ETIAS for Denmark.

Station Nord will become a popular entry point for many, including scientists traveling to the Willum Research Center who usually arrive in Svalbard and use Station Nord as an entry point. In reality, this method of travel was technically illegal and has now been closed. As a consequence, travelers have since been made to travel routes that are more expensive or longer for at least the last 7 months.

New Method of Travel via Station Nord

Thankfully, Station Nord will become a new method of traveling the old route and will allow for scientists and travelers to travel to Northeastern Greenland via Svalbard. In addition, it is hoped that the Ironbark Mining Corporation will benefit from this new travel link, as well as other areas in the north of Greenland.

This news has come as the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration, Mattias Tesfaye, announced the decision made integrally by the Government of Denmark. This is decision has been made since the closure of the old route, which was previously deemed illegal, despite travelers having used the route in order to travel to Northeastern Greenland during approximately the last 4 years.

The approval will open up easier and more flexible travel opportunities to the north of Greenland. However, there will be certain requirements that travelers will have to make. In addition, a new system will have to be coordinated in order to process the incoming and outgoing travelers who pass through Station Nord. This entails cooperation with the Tax agency in Greenland in order to organize a system for the control of customs.

What is Station Nord?

Used as a scientific and military station in Northeastern Greenland, Station Nord is approximately 924 km from the North Pole. This makes it the second northernmost settlement that more importantly,  permanent settlement. It is also a base used by Greenland in general and is used by the Northeast Greenland National Park.

Hence, Station Nord’s vital importance contributes to research conducted by scientists, but also those working for Northeast Greenland National Park. It is approximately 1700 km north of Arctic Circle. It is staffed by non-commissioned Danish officers who partake in a 26-month tour of duty. At present, there is sufficient accomodation to house up to twenty scientists during the summertime. Impressively, the station is made up of 35 different buildings and given the climate state, ice conditions prohibit access by ship.

The arctic climate in the area of Northeastern Greenland where Station Nord is situated has an extremely cold climate. During the very short summer in Greenland, the temperatures in the north usually averages just above freezing.

Schengen Borders in Greenland

These new changes will mean that this entry point will become part of the entry Schengen Area and those who apply for an ETIAS once it becomes active will be able to use their ETIAS as valid European authorization to enter Greenland and this area of Greenland, as well.

Note that travelers arriving in Greenland once ETIAS is active should double-check the ETIAS requirements for obtain a valid travel authorization. Once ETIAS is released and becomes an active system in Greenland, this border crossing point at Station Nord will be indispensable and used to check any authorizations for traveling within the Schengen Zone.